Return to Work

An RTW (Return To Work) program helps to quickly bring an injured worker back to their preinjury position following an injury. Our RTW program offers temporary transitional duty at Not-For-Profit agencies to keep claimants working while they recover if an employer cannot accommodate their medical restrictions. This creates direction for the injured worker to return back to work. A RTW program is a proactive way to handle Injured Workers, avoid disability syndrome, and minimize losses all while making a difference.

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Vocational Services

Our Vocational Services include individual re-employment assessments, scheduled job interviews for injured workers, comprehensive vocational evaluation and testing, labor market and job site analysis. These programs help determine the skill, physical ability, and aptitude of an injured worker to help assist them in workforce placement and settle claims.

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WorkLinks Works! It is important to establish a proactive plan to handle injured workers and minimize losses through transitional employment. Refer your Work Injury Claim to WorkLinks and let us deal with it!

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